White Paper Release, ‘Cyber Defense for Semiconductor Foundries: Safeguarding Digital Innovation’

Mar 12, 2021

In a matter of hours, a cyber attack on a semiconductor foundry can rack up massive financial damages well into the millions. The advanced security standards for wafer fabs being developed by SEMI as we speak – standards 6506, 6565, and 6566 – will require the development of specialized technologies to make maintaining these regulations a realistic long-term goal. The bar is being set very high, and the rewards will be great.


As some of the most essential operations on earth, wafer fabs are endlessly under the watchful eye of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups seeking to disrupt operations. Our latest white paper, ‘Cyber Defense for Semiconductor Foundries: Safeguarding Digital Innovation’ is focused on applying our threat research and experience to the challenge of creating cyber defense methods that add the flexibility, resilience, and simplicity necessary to keep the industry safe from today’s fast-adapting cyber threats.


For this white paper, our researchers and engineers have classified and organized the necessary foundations of technologies that will be able to centralize and streamline the security of these complex operations with zero interference.  Read it here.

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