Our transparent security box, EdgeIPS, secures mining work sites

Mar 08, 2021

TXOne’s transparent security box, EdgeIPS, is now being used on mining work sites to protect assets from both malicious intruders and human error. Because mining work sites typically employ a distributed control system (DCS) instead of a SCADA, they operate using protocols that have little or no built-in security. The bottom line is that without extra protective systems in place they can easily be exploited by bad actors. Fortunately, EdgeIPS supports these protocols, so it can make decisions for traffic based on source, destination, command, and function.


For distributed assets it’s necessary to have a distributed solution. The EdgeIPS can be set up in two ways according to the needs of the operation. EdgeIPS can be set up either on a-1 to-1 basis with each DCS, or it can be set up above the switch to secure everything linked to the hub of the OT network. From there, its allow list sets up an easy-to-manage baseline for the operational environment.


Because EdgeIPS can detect and understand a variety of industrial protocols (for example EthernetIP/CIP), command and function codes can be specifically allowed or denied. The allow list can also base settings on source and destination IP address, enabling the convenient management and definition of operational traffic. With this security box’s unique protocol sensitivity, it can be configured to read packets and then block suspicious or unusual commands from ever reaching assets. Because even small mistakes, disruptions, or human errors can lead to injury or loss of life, EdgeIPS’ ability to prevent both mistakes and malicious commands is essential to securing mining operations, safeguarding human lives, and protecting stakeholders from risk.


Learn more about EdgeIPS here.

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