TXOne introduces version 2.0 of their one-of-a-kind IoT/ICS Threat Atlas

Mar 04, 2021

Version 2.0 of our IoT/ICS Threat Atlas has now been released! Since its debut, our large-scale cyber threat detection project has continued to grow in reach and sophistication, producing security intelligence that has been used to further strengthen and inform our ICS solutions. This release brings with it an interface change and two important new features that make it much easier to know how currently-active threats can affect your operation.



Firstly, the interface has become more focused – the default view now shows the 10 countries receiving the most attacks. The first new feature of Threat Atlas 2.0 offers an immediate readout when a specific country is clicked, showing viewers a chart of how many attacks we detect coming from that country by hour. The view setting offers reporting over either the last week or the last month. For the second new feature, you need only scroll down to see the types of attacks classified and charted! Mousing over any of the chart’s bars gives exact numbers of each type of attack for that hour.


With this version 2.0, visitors to the Threat Atlas will be able to immediately identify the most common types of threats to their work sites. Take a look and make sure that your own work sites are protected. Once you know what kinds of threats are most common in the current threat landscape, you can begin to consider which solutions are best for you. You can look at TXOne’s own solutions, as well as a suggested deployment map, here.

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