White Paper Release, ‘Network Segmentation: The OT Standard for Industry 4.0’

Nov 24, 2020

TXOne Networks’ white paper ‘Network Segmentation: The OT Standard for Industry 4.0’ has now been released and can be downloaded here. In this white paper, our CEO Dr. Terence Liu and our researchers Mars Cheng and Max Farrell show how to engage Network Segmentation as a core defense for your work site’s OT network. Specialized hardware like our own Safe Lock, Trend Micro Portable Security 3, and Edge Series are required to perfect such an approach, which provides increased convenience and cost-effectiveness in addition to security.


Our researchers, as have many others in leading cybersecurity organizations, put forth that Network Segmentation must now be viewed as an essential part of securing any work site. This style of network architecture deployment creates an environment that is naturally resistant and intractable to intruders, limiting their ability to gain intel or move laterally within the network. Central to our recommendations are using ‘the 3 Ds of Intent-Based Segmentation’, Design, Deploy, and Decide to create Intent-Based Segmentation using devices tailored to this end.


  1. Design – Design a statement of what the business is trying to do in language that applies to policy – for us, this means what protocols regularly do which tasks.
  2. Deploy – Deploy­ those policies through EdgeFire or EdgeIPS – if on a larger scale, use ODC to deploy to centralize management of a wider array of nodes.
  3. Decide – Use reports from integrated EdgeIPS and EdgeFire nodes to decide on maintaining or changing current routines, guaranteeing security and proper function.


Revolutionize your work site cyber defenses using Network Segmentation – and read about how to make the deployment process smooth and stable here.

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