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Omdia On The Radar: TXOne Networks Offers OT-Native Cybersecurity Solutions for ICS Environments

Sep 15, 2023

thumbnail-On the Radar-TXOne Networks offers OT-Native Cybersecurity Solutions for ICS Environments

Many cybersecurity vendors focus on the information technology (IT) environment rather than the nuances and priorities of OT cybersecurity. Hence, “off-the-shelf” security tools from the world of IT do not always work successfully, nor are they best suited to an OT environment.

TXOne Networks has developed its entire portfolio with OT in mind. TXOne offers zero-trust, framework-based OT cybersecurity solutions designed to ensure the reliability and safety of OT and ICS and their respective environments.


By Hollie Hennessy

Senior Analyst, IoT Cybersecurity – Omdia

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