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Westlands Advisory Industrial Cybersecurity Outlook 2023-2030 – TXOne Networks

Aug 01, 2023

In this latest report by Westlands Advisory, we see a clear trend of continuous expenditure increase on OT cybersecurity, driven by digital transformation, regulation, and risk management. The report includes an analysis of leading companies in the OT cybersecurity industry, benchmarked by product capability and strategic direction. Among them, TXOne is recognized as a verified innovator for IT/OT Network Protection Platforms.


TXOne has a strong product roadmap with a number of significant releases planned over the next 12 months. Its vision is to provide asset operators with a unified view of the OT network, providing context and increasing levels of orchestration to both security and operational teams.

The company has deep OT expertise including strong vertical market expertise in semiconductor and automotive manufacturing sectors and with critical infrastructure providers.

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