New CPS Protection Platform: TXOne Networks Unveils SageOne at GISec Global

Apr 24, 2024

News-TXOne Networks Unveils SageOne at GISec Global


Dubai, UAE – 23rd. April 2024 – TXOne Networks, a frontrunner in the realm of cyber-physical systems (CPS) security, is set to unveil its groundbreaking CPS security platform, SageOne, at the highly anticipated GISec Global from April 23rd to 25th, 2024. Attendees can find TXOne Networks showcasing SageOne at stand B99 in hall 5. This innovative platform consolidates all CPS security products onto a single, central management platform, promising streamlined operations and optimized threat detection capabilities.

SageOne, aptly named “Wise Man Number One,” serves as a comprehensive management console providing a holistic view of the CPS attack surface within operational technology (OT) environments. By enabling centralized control of TXOne’s three core product lines – Stellar for endpoint protection, Element for security inspection, and Edge for network defense – SageOne facilitates integrated OT security throughout the lifecycle of protected assets, ensuring robust threat detection and response mechanisms.

Key features of SageOne include:

  • CPS Attack Surface Management: Visibility is a cornerstone for cybersecurity. A clear view of the overall security posture helps identify security focal points in an OT environment. SageOne focuses on operational security by honing in on assets and illuminating the security information of various controls.
  • Integrated Lifecycle Protection: Centralized management simplifies cybersecurity governance and achieves collaborative defense. As an abstraction layer, SageOne streamlines the contextualization and consolidation of data across various products. It offers a tailored, task-oriented console designed specifically for executives, security personnel, and plant leaders.
  • CPS Threat Detection & Response: Properly handling known threats is absolutely crucial. Coping with unknown threats is equally important. SageOne compiles all security insights from multiple solutions and scouts for potential risks in order to enable early caution and response when needed.


SageOne’s foundation rests upon advanced components, including Threat Intelligence, Behavior-Based AI Analytics Engines, Compliance Framework, Data Visualizer, and Ecosystem Integrator, ensuring comprehensive protection and seamless integration of different tools and technologies.

With its focus on analyzing unexpected behavior and unknown threats, SageOne enables the identification of suspicious events through cross-telemetry analysis within the OT-native XDR engine. This amalgamation of advanced technologies and user-friendly interface ensures the protection of critical infrastructures.

For rapid threat response, SageOne issues early warnings of suspicious behavior and orchestrates cross-telemetry analysis for CPS Threat Detection & Response. Integrated Lifecycle Protection ensures the security of devices and systems throughout their service life, contributing to great cost efficiency.

TXOne Networks reaffirms its commitment to CPS security and continuous advancement in OT security through SageOne. Visit TXOne Networks at the GISec Global from April 23rd to 25th, 2024, at stand B99 in hall 5.


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