Product Repair Service/RMA

RMA Process

A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is a part of TXOne’s customer satisfaction program during the product's warranty period. In the case of a hardware defect, please initiate an RMA through authorized TXOne distributors or resellers. Unauthorized hardware repair will invalidate the product warranty.



Before Creating an RMA Request 


Create an RMA Request
  • Provide product information
  • Provide log files if applicable
  • Provide photos when claiming physical damage


Complete the RMA Process
  • TXOne provides RMA quotation
  • Customer/Distributor deliver RMA equipment to TXOne
  • TXOne ship completed RMA equipment back

RMA Service Agreement

TXOne Networks undertakes to repair products as per the terms and conditions below:


  • TXOne will repair products that are under warranty free of charge. Check the Hardware Warranty & RMA Policy.
  • Artificial damage is not within the scope of warranty.
  • TXOne will cover the cost of shipping the repaired product back to the customer.



  • TXOne will charge to repair products in the out-of-warranty period, or with artificial
  • TXOne will invoice with all chargeable items for the customer to start the RMA process.



  • Data stored in the RMA equipment is not guaranteed to be recoverable.
  • TXOne is not hold responsible for the safe transit of RMA equipment.
  • Customer agrees to insure the product for its transit or take responsibility for any loss or damage to the product during transit.



Customer shall remove all confidential/proprietary data from the product before sending RMA equipment. In no case shall TXOne be responsible for the data integrity, leakage, or damage during the RMA process.