TXOne Networks to Showcase Award-Winning OT Cybersecurity Solutions at SPS 2022

Oct 20, 2022

TXOne Networks to Showcase Award-Winning OT Cybersecurity Solutions at SPS 2022

Assist Organizations Ensure the Operation Reliability and Digital Safety of OT/ICS Environments through the OT Zero Trust Approach

Taipei/Nuremberg, October 19, 2022 — TXOne Networks, a global leader in ICS and industrial IoT (IIoT) security, announced today that the company will participate in the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) 2022, taking place at the Messe Nuremberg in Germany from 8 – 10 November.


The global smart manufacturing market is on the rise. However, frequent OT cyber attacks show that the industrial control environment has also become a viable field for hackers to target and attack. Attackers launch malicious software attacks through loopholes, control target computers to steal an enterprise’s confidential information and hold it hostage so they can demand a ransom. This often results in the shutdown of factory operations and a significant loss of work. At this point, the manufacturing industry is facing an unprecedented cybersecurity crisis.


According to brand-new conclusions shown in research from TXOne Networks’ threat expert team in the first half of 2022, system vulnerabilities mostly appear in software, PLC, switches, and HMI devices used in OT/ICS environments. These vulnerable pieces of software and hardware are exposed to high risk of operation-stopping attacks, but also expose all other connected devices to “chain damage” that can spread across an entire network, leaving a trail of operational disconnection in its wake. In this event, TXOne Networks will show how cyber attacks can happen to the FMCS (Facility Monitoring Control Systems), including GMS, HVAC, and EHS, and the highly adaptive cybersecurity solutions to address those threats in the OT/ICS shop floors. An all-terrain product portfolio will be presented to show how TXOne Networks offers a thorough protection for OT environments in different means.


“With shop floor assets rapidly becoming more intelligent and automated, every connected device in the entire infrastructure of the OT environment poses a risk of cybersecurity attacks,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “As the leading solution provider in OT cybersecurity solutions, TXOne Networks stands ready to respond to ever-changing cybersecurity threats and secure customers’ OT environments by adopting the OT Zero Trust methodology throughout the asset security life cycle. Given that OT/ICS environments are layered and composed of a variety of equipment in different operating systems, TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission critical devices in a real-time defense-in-depth manner.”


TXOne Networks’s OT-native cybersecurity solutions have been adopted by more than 350 large enterprises and multinational groups around the world. These solutions empower global enterprises with the best confidence level for their OT security and ensure their worry-free concentration on their operational excellence.


Visit TXOne Networks at Booth #248 in Hall 6 at SPS 2022


TXOne Networks will showcase a full stack of OT-native products and solutions for visitors looking for solutions they need to secure their OT/ICS environments.


Exhibition Highlights:

  • Daily in-booth tech demo sessions featuring TXOne security experts demonstrating the latest cyber attacks and TXOne Networks’ defense solutions
  • Innovative, award-winning portable security inspection “TMPS 3” product line
  • Award-winning endpoint security “Stellar” product line to safeguard endpoint assets
  • Industrial networking protection “Edge” Series with the sophisticated OT Defense Console


The TXOne booth will be staffed with executives and security experts to meet and answer the most critical questions about anything related to OT cybersecurity.


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TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments through the OT zero trust methodology. TXOne Networks works together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices in a real-time, defense-in-depth manner.

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