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ICS/OT Threat Hunting Report 2023

Apr 17, 2024

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TXOne Networks has over 350 hunting engines across 15 cities globally, enabling the Threat Research Team to compile a wide array of threat data. In this publication, this threat intelligence is brought to bear in order to conduct a rigorous analysis of the recent significant shifts in the threat landscape targeting IoT and ICS/OT systems.

With the increasing complexity and geopolitical nature of cyber threats, we offer insights on:

  • Geopolitical and Regional Vulnerabilities: A noteworthy upward trend of cyber threats stemming from Russian and American IPs, reflecting the role cyber warfare is likely to play in global political tensions.
  • ‘wget.sh’ URLs in Malware Distribution: How cybercriminals leverage seemingly benign URLs for malicious purposes.
  • Dominance of Shell Scripts in Malware: The tactics of attackers are evolving to target IoT devices specifically, showcasing threat actors’ adaptability.
  • From Encryption to Triple Extortion: Ransomware attacks are escalating in complexity and thus in the pressure it puts on their victims to succumb to their demands.
  • Fox Protocol Queries: Cyber adversaries are refining their attacks to aim specifically at key OT protocols such as the Fox protocol used in the Niagara framework.
  • RCE Vulnerability in Android Debug Bridge (ADB): This vulnerability reveals a troublingly significant risk factor for Android-based IoT systems.
  • Exploitation of MS08-067 Vulnerability: The persistence of this exploit spreading Conficker (primarily from Chinese IPs) demonstrates the lingering threat posed by unpatched vulnerabilities.

This publication provides information on these trends and challenges, as well as deep insights into how these can be addressed and countered through cybersecurity measures.

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