Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers with Trend Micro Portable Security 3

Sep 21, 2020

Half of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers have adopted Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3 (TMPS3) – wouldn’t you like to learn why? This unique installation-free USB-based malware scanning tool, co-developed by Trend Micro and TXOne Networks, provides convenient and fast plug-and-scan security to your assets, even those that are unpatchable or running legacy OSes.


We at TXOne Networks are pleased to share our Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Take a practical and hands-on look into how pharmaceutical manufacturing can be conveniently kept well-within regulations and the security measures necessary to safeguard human lives. Our solutions are specifically designed to provide ICS networks with ironclad security, protecting mission-critical assets to guarantee their life-critical work is never interrupted, production lines keep running, and biochemical processes are protected and sustained.


Insufficient cybersecurity leaves an enterprise vulnerable to a host of threats, all of them equally capable of causing severe long-term damage — disruption, downtime, product contamination, intellectual property leaks, hazardous material spills, and months of required re-evaluations. Such crises are not only expensive, but lethal.


This guide gives a direct look into how our Trend Micro Portable Security 3 can be used to improve inventory management, secure endpoints, set up a fast and convenient checkpoint policy for all devices entering and leaving the facility,  detect threats while continuously recording results, and extend the visibility of your security operations center.


Read our Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers here.

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