Four TXOne Networks solutions selected by Yokogawa Electric as ‘Partner Products’

Sep 22, 2021

TXOne Networks is delighted to announce that Trend Micro and Yokogawa Electric have collaborated to select four of our products as ‘Partner Products’ for Yokogawa’s industrial control systems. This collaboration is sure to be a major contribution to the creation of more secure work sites and the fulfillment of our mission to create more secure automation and data exchange for the industrial world!


Yokogawa’s controllers are the top of the line for industrial manufacturing, and their PLCs are in use by top organizations across the globe. “Our e-RT3 Plus and FA-M3 controllers do business-critical work for our manufacturing and industrial customers around the world, but security concerns including vulnerability exploits and unauthorized access are a growing concern,” said Kenji Hasegawa, a vice president for Yokogawa Electric and head of Yokogawa’s product headquarters. “We wanted a security partner we could trust with proven experience in the ICS sector. Trend Micro’s industrial network security delivers installation-free protection to drive additional value for our e-RT3 Plus and FA-M3 customers.”


TXOne’s CEO, Dr. Terence Liu, added, “Understanding risk is critical to protecting ICS environments. Without added protection, machines can remain accessible for criminals to exploit internal component flaws for potential sabotage or remote control of systems. This vote of confidence from Yokogawa is further proof that Trend Micro with TXOne provides the additional protection needed for ICS environments.”


The four solutions selected by Yokogawa Electric as ‘Partner Products’ are as follows:

  • EdgeIPS, the industrial next-generation intrusion prevention system
  • EdgeIPS Pro, the intent-based industrial-intelligent IPS array for large-scale operations
  • EdgeFire, the industrial next-generation firewall
  • OT Defense Console, the industrial central management console that allows deployments of Edge products to be managed from a single location
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