TXOne Networks and Nozomi Networks announce their groundbreaking cyber defense partnership

Nov 18, 2021

TXOne Networks and Nozomi Networks have been pleased to announce their partnership to create stronger cyber defenses for joint customers. Through this cooperation, Nozomi Networks’ Guardian sensors and TXOne Networks’ OT Defense Console will be integrated via an API (Application Programming Interface) so as to complement each other in their ability to detect and take action on suspicious assets or activities. This powerful synergy creates faster, more accurate threat detection and response with no compromises to productivity.


Nozomi Networks solutions are used across a wide range of industries including energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities, and critical infrastructure, covering over 48 million devices in a vast number of work sites. Their solutions are focused on the creation of comprehensive operational visibility and advanced OT and IoT threat detection. Deployable onsite as well as in the cloud, Nozomi Networks’ solutions automate the demanding work of inventorying, visualizing, and monitoring industrial control networks.


Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks, says, “The smooth combination and seamless integration enables our joint clients to safeguard their systems and fend off all kinds of cyberattacks. Joint customers will benefit from highly effective all-round protection. Together with Nozomi Networks we will continue to place our focus on simplifying the complex and fast-changing cybersecurity issues that organizations are facing at various phases of their digital transformation.”


“At Nozomi Networks, we are pleased to work with TXOne Networks,” said Chet Namboodri, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Alliances. “TXOne Networks’ OT Defense Console (ODC) provides a centralized console for TXOne’s Edge series for IPS and firewalls. The combination of our offerings increases the stability and security of industrial networks by offering fast, accurate threat detection and response.”

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