White Paper Release, ‘Optimizing Network and Endpoint Resilience: Manufacturer Cybersecurity in the Era of Digital Transformation’

Dec 07, 2020

With the Digital Transformation (a.k.a Industrial 4.0) in full swing, ransomware has gone beyond targeting IT assets – OT assets are now also on the menu. The gap between IT and OT gets closer creating new opportunities for threats that are steadily more aggressive. In our new white paper, Optimizing Network and Endpoint Resilience: Manufacturer Cybersecurity in the Era of Digital Transformation, we share an appraisal of the threat landscape as of late 2020, and the solutions that maximize OT security without compromising functionality.


Flat network architecture, insufficient encryption, and minimal authentication are common in ICS networks to increase availability. However, this increase in availability is not exclusive to legitimate users – it also gives APT groups more and better opportunities to access valuable assets. As the IT-OT convergence becomes more advanced, availability and the number of vulnerabilities both steadily increase. The air gap and ‘security through obscurity’ now present almost no defense against sophisticated APT attacks.


Keeping pace with the digital transformation to ride at the forefront of OT cybersecurity, TXOne Networks presents cutting-edge solutions for ICS networks. Each solution tailored to the needs of network architecture and endpoints: network segmentation, virtual patching, and trust lists.


Traditionally, companies have been able to focus on productivity more than security, but in the current threat environment attacks are tailored to hit ICS systems as deeply and completely as possible. This white paper shows how to simplify administration of complex networks using network segmentation, protect unpatched or legacy assets using virtual patching, and safeguard endpoint operations without compromising productivity.


Get to know how to improve your work site defenses while still maximizing availability by reading this white paper, which is available here.

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