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Safeguarding Endpoints with Maximized Operational Integrity

Jun 21, 2021

Some machines can never stop doing their job. Power generation and its corresponding power grid must operate constantly, without failing, and make sure that electricity is always available. If it fails, human lives will certainly be affected – hospitals, transportation systems, and many other forms of critical infrastructure are as reliant on power as the rest of us, as was seen in the recent Texan cold front where power systems froze over and locked up, leaving residents without heat or vital medical support for weeks.


Similarly, our working systems and assets cannot often be stopped for maintenance. Have you ever tried to change the tires on a moving car? How about a workhorse vehicle that’s crucial to factory operations? Critical systems must be maintained with minimal or no interruption to production or availability, similar to the way the power grids and substations are carefully maintained so that the lights go on every time you hit the switch. The way a factory is run, fixing it is not unlike changing out parts on a car while it briefly rests at a stoplight. Keeping that car’s systems secured might rarely come to mind for technicians, but must constantly be on the minds of stakeholders.

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